For the Classroom

Newtown School

Newtown School

We have many resources to help teachers create lessons that incorporate Portsmouth History into their curriculum.

Why explore community history with students? Community history topics have rich supply of primary sources. Primary sources (such a photos, maps, objects and documents from the time) are among the best materials for historians to use.

Click on the links below to sample some of these resources.

Primary Sources for Students:  This is a slide presentation on primary sources.  We can bring Portsmouth based primary resources (maps, vintage photos, old tools, documents) so your students can practice thinking like a historian and discovering information on their own.  This can be adapted for any grade level – Middle School and up.

Using Maps for Information: Students love maps and they can discover a great deal of information on their own while exploring a map.  This slide presentation is a basic introduction to different kinds of maps.  All the maps are of the Glen area of Portsmouth.   The Portsmouth Historical Society has many maps in our collection and we can provide copies of historical maps for students to use and practice skills.

They were here first:  The settlers were not the first to live and work on Aquidneck Island.  this slide presentation is about what primary sources tell us about the Wampanoag and Narragansett who made their summer camp in our area.

Settlements presentation copy:  This is a slideshow of what life was like in the Portsmouth during the time of the founding settlements.  It is aimed at grades 3-6.

History Detective Map Workshop pdf:  Gloria Schmidt’s presentation for Portsmouth third grade students 2014.

IfWallsCouldTalk2015:  pdf version of Gloria Schmidt’s book on stonewalls sharing stories from Portsmouth’s history.

talesofportsmouthrhodeisland:  This is a new book of Portsmouth history and tales that is meant as a resource for teachers.  This is a work in progress.  Please give us feedback so we can make corrections for the final copy.


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