On this page are resources in pdf files that you can view and download.  Just click on the blue link.

Family Cemeteries Map 2:  This map was put together from maps in the 1995 Survey of Historical Cemeteries in Portsmouth.  Use a legal size paper to print it.

brochurehistoricguide:   Sites in Portsmouth where you can really see our history.  You can print this on letter size paper.

History of Portsmouth for Students: This simplified and short history of our town was written for middle school age students and their families.

Anne Hutchinson presentation copy: This is a slide presentation on Anne Hutchinson’s life – a Prologue to Portsmouth History.  Researched by Gloria Schmidt

wagnerHistory of Portsmouth:  Article on Portsmouth History written by Anne Wagner for the Rhode Island Genealogical Society newsletter, 2013.

Portsmouth During Revolution – Transcriptions of Revolutionary War Era documents from our collection.

Heritage Trail – Glen Farm pdf – This is a walk through historic Glen Farm with notes on the history you will see there.  This prints on letter size paper.  The brochure is the first of guides to historic areas of Portsmouth through our Portsmouth Heritage Day project with the Portsmouth Community Theater and Preserve Portsmouth.

Portsmouth Timeline-1 copy –  This excellent timeline was compiled by PHS member Anne B. Wagner.  Census figures are included as well as important events.  Check this website on Portsmouth History by PHS member Andrew Kelly.


Video of Camara Sisters, Nan Waters and Frank Wyatt talking about growing up on Glen Farm.

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